Lockdown Art
Showcasing the works of photographers that continue shooting despite limitations because you can put artists on lockdown, but you can't lock down their talent.
Join #LockdownArt and share your work with a community of photographers and artists. Upload your works to Depositphotos with this tag and we'll feature the most talented artists on this page. All the submitted images will be part of a special Depositphotos collection shared with millions of clients around the world.
Alyona Lata
Instagram: @alyonalata
Vitaliy Klyushkin
Instagram: @rgamzsv
Daria Yermolina
Instagram: @daria.yermolina
Olya Sosiura
Instagram: @olya_sosiura
Nikita Mekenzin
Instagram: @nikita.mekenzin
Tanya Lukashenko
Instagram: @vladimirovna.ph
Take on stock photography as a side project during this time. Simply become a contributor, create a portfolio, and start uploading your images to Depositphotos to reach clients on the lookout for fresh talent.

Share your photos — the new play on light, emotions, struggles, movements, routine, new compositions, textures, mixed media...

Use this opportunity to inspire others to continue creating.
Even during a lockdown.

Your archive of photos can be your new source of income
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We will include your work in a special Lockdown Art collection to show that creativity truly has no limits.
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