Lockdown Art
The campaign ends with over 1,000 image submissions
from 70 talented artists around the world.
Showcasing the works of photographers that continue shooting despite limitations because you can put artists on lockdown, but you can't lock down their talent.
All images are now available for purchase.
Each contributor has enriched the Depositphotos library with their unique vision. We received submissions that reflect on life during a lockdown through the prism of an artistic imagination. Images include:
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Indoor and outdoor shots
Exploration of home life
Artistic interpretations
Showcasing social issues
Conceptual shots
Minimalist photography
Still life
Top featured artists
Tetiana Photography
Natalia Zotova
Kateryna Kraus
Hugo Grilo
Miguel Rendón García
Ruben Paez
Bogdan Pigulyak
Yurii Seleznev
Strelciuc Dumitru
Take on stock photography as a side project during this time. Simply become a contributor, create a portfolio, and start uploading your images to Depositphotos to reach clients on the lookout for fresh talent.

Share your photos — the new play on light, emotions, struggles, movements, routine, new compositions, textures, mixed media...

Use this opportunity to inspire others to continue creating.
Even during a lockdown.

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